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One challenge after the other – that’s one way of getting to heart of the situation in the healthcare industry. Companies in the industry are constantly confronted with new issues that require quick and sustainable solutions.

Hospitals, care facilities and similar social enterprises have to battle with new regulations in their operating environment and nancial conditions almost every year. Investments are essential for keeping hospital facilities competitive. The problem: Less and less state investment subsidies are being granted.

Private nancing requires convincing business models. New competitors on the market create huge challenges, but also market opportunities for those who can keep up. Since the launch of care insurance and diagnosisrelated groups (DRGs) in the hospital services sector, market deregulation has called for greater consideration of economic laws. It also depends on developing unique selling points and, as a result, obtaining a unique sales position. Pro le and motivated staff play a key role in this.

Grant Thornton Germany is the ideal problem solver for the entire healthcare sector. We’ll help you to keep up with the industry’s demands and unleash your potential for growth. We’re happy to work out solutions for tomorrow’s tasks today together with our various authorities.

Why Grant Thornton Germany?

We keep up with change. We understand challenges you face. We develop a suitable strategy together with you so that you cope with upcoming tasks and reach your growth goals. What sets us apart is the combination of profound understanding for your business model, professional expertise and an instinct of growth potential.

We’re partners on an equal footing:
We think the same way you do. As a medium-sized enterprise, we are the ideal partner for the Healthcare Management sector, which is predominantly characterized by medium-sized companies. A strong partner presence, decision-makers that are quickly reached and short decision paths guarantee that your projects are dealt with in an intensive and focused way.

We’re the fast among the good:
Quick solutions are crucial, especially in the healthcare sector. We know today what will be important tomorrow – that is a central challenge in a sector that changes more quickly than any other. Staff are a crucial resource in every Healthcare Management company. Professional trained and experienced management staff are essential. Furthermore, management skills must be kept up to date. Our formula: Flat hierarchies, short decision paths and well- trained teams with individual responsibility guarantee you prompt and creative solutions. Our experts are in touch with the times and give answers before you’ve even asked.

We work differently:
We don’t orient our teams towards structures, but rather towards your needs. What makes our work stand out? We don’t just provide you with a single service, we give you the security of knowing that we are looking after your interests. We are your driving force, unconventional thinker, problem solver. Experts from our Healthcare Management industry group and from our different service sectors guarantee a wide range of expertise to develop customized solutions.

Our services

  • Annual audit by our industry experts who have the necessary experience to be able to stand at your side at all stages of growth, even in small and medium-sized companies.
  • Your industry-specific auditor knows your company and has various points of reference in your sector. We recognize further potential/need for adaptation from the process analysis findings associated with the annual audit.
  • Our sector team’s transaction experts pro- vide you with support with their extensive knowledge of your transactions as a buyer or seller.
  • Analysis and optimization based on existing benchmarks, plus detailed analyses of your situation.

Carrying out process and benchmarking analyses;

changing organizational structures and optimizing business processes and risk management;

consultancy in special charity law issues and questions concerning tax management in sales tax (sales tax entity, reduced tax rate and tax exemption); outsourcing accounting, declaration advice and payroll accounting.