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Our services

Advice on supervisory law

With us, you’ll receive 360 degree advice on all your legal questions about financial regulation. We’ll provide you with answers to every legal question about risk management, portfolio management, fund due diligence, negotiating side letters and memoranda on eligibility. We also offer ongoing advice on funds, investment companies and depositories. You’re in the right place for all questions on sales and marketing and on valuations. We also offer ongoing advice on funds, investment companies, banks and financial service providers.

Securitisation transactions

Our expertise also includes legal advice on fund linked notes and structured products. We’ll assist you with ratings or drafting memoranda on eligibility in accordance with the German Insurance Supervision Act (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz – VAG) and Investment Regulation (Anlageverordnung – AnlV).

Fund investments

We will also assist you with advice on the regulation of investments in alternative investment funds and securities.

Fund structuring/structured financing and restructuring

We’ll advise you on everything from regulatory design to the structure of investment funds to structured financing such as bonds, and together we’ll find the best structure for your funds. 

We’ll also give you advice on restructuring projects for funds in crisis.

Sustainable finance

A particular focus of ours is sustainable finance. This includes giving you support with all the legal issues concerning sustainability funds and structuring green bonds in accordance with the new EU Green Bonds Standard. We’ll also give you support with meeting ESG criteria and with your reporting.

Financial litigation

In conjunction with our litigation legal team, we’ll work on your behalf to defend you from claims brought by investors, claims arising from financial investments and securities, test cases brought by associations concerning consumer rights and mass actions, large-scale proceedings and actions under the Capital Investor Test Case Act (“KapMuG actions”). We’ll conduct negotiations on your behalf with BaFin, the tax authorities and other public bodies as necessary.

Establishing investment companies and financial service providers, incl. licence applications

We provide assistance and advice in founding AIFs and as well as with licencing and registration. We will also assist you with regulatory processes and outsourcing services. General organisational advice is also provided.

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