To meet our clients’ needs in international business or expansion, we offer you teams of experts with choice country expertise. Here you can find the countries in which we work and for which we have in-depth market and language skills.

Our expertise


Business cooperation between China and Germany is on the brink of a Golden Age.


Full service for Japanese companies - because we know what a successful company needs.


There is a long tradition of intensive trade and business relations between the Netherlands and Germany.


Germany and India are well-positioned to benefit from closer economic and trade cooperation


A strong economic connection


Germany is still the economically strongest country within the European Union and by far Turkey's largest export destination.

United Kingdom

From the Royal Family to the Beatles, Christmas markets to Jürgen Klopp, there is a long tradition of common interests and cultural exchange between the UK and Germany.


Based on the strongest economy of the European Union, Germany, our US Desk provides perfect access to the European Economic Area.