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Ira Rave




In our series “30 Minutes for more Sustainability” of the Logistik.NRW network of expertise, our experts Dr. Claudia Schrimpf-Dörges and Dr. Alexander Budzinski provide some insights on finance as a driver of sustainability.

Your industry trends - Our solutions

The new megatrends of the present time require efficient and sustainable transport and logistics services. We assist you in establishing and implementing of your strategic goals and support you with our industry expertise in the efficient design of your business processes and with smart solutions for your business challenges. We increase the success of your business.

  • Review of the strategy and the strategic positioning
  • Plausibility assessment of mission and vision
  • Preparation of strategic KPIs
  • Review digitalisation strategy
  • Analysis of main competitors
  • Development of strategies to succeed against competitors
  • Optimisation of the group tax rate
  • Review distribution strategy
  • Plausibility assessment of growth areas
  • Definition of target and measures
Financing management
  • Structuring and optimising of tailored financial strategies
  • Working capital management
  • Integrated financial planning
Cost management
  • Process cost optimisation
  • Procurement optimisation
  • Business model optimisation
Risk management
  • (Tax) compliance management system
  • Tax compliance worldwide
  • Cyber security