Handing over your business to others brings responsibility. You want to make sure assets and value are safe, and to provide for future generations. We’ll accompany you all the way through the process, from the first step to the handover, with competence, planning and the necessary sensitivity. So that you can actively shape the future both yours and that of those who follow you.

Our services

Business and private succession

Are you a businessperson, shareholder, board member or private person looking to plan the succession of your business or assets in your best interests? Then we are the people to talk to. We advise and plan succession so that it is optimised for tax, is strategically arranged nationally and internationally, matches what you have in mind, and preserves your life’s work from generation to generation.

Tax advice on inheritance and gifts

Are you part of a family business or do you have private equity?  Our tax advice works to preserve your assets and takes every opportunity to avoid or reduce inheritance and gift tax. We will take on filing gift and inheritance tax returns and valuing business assets and real estate under the German Valuation Act [Bewertungsgesetz].

Setting up and advising on foundations

A foundation can be an excellent means of establishing the assets of natural persons or businesses for the long-term and protecting their substance. We will create and develop a plan, set up foundations (family foundations and non-profit foundations) and give you advice on the non-profit law that governs them.

Law of succession, company law and property regimes

We will advise you on planning succession internationally, taking foreign involvements into account.  When businesses are at stake in particular, we employ our competence in corporate law to protect your interests for the long-term. We set up family companies and draft or review the articles of association. We provide advice on the law governing marital property regimes, nationally and internationally. We are a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd – our experts across the world make sure that your succession arrangements are legally watertight and as safe as possible, including abroad. 

Testaments and contracts of inheritance

We will draw up your testament, contracts of inheritance and agreements on waiving a compulsory portion strategically, according to your will. In this way we can keep the inheritance tax burden and any claims to a compulsory portion low or avoid them altogether, thus making liquidity requirements predictable.

Administration of estates and legal disputes

The administration of estates not infrequently takes an emotional turn and may even end in a legal dispute. We offer cross-border assistance with settlement among communities of heirs, act to de-escalate, secure your claims and thus protect you from any loss of assets caused by unnecessary and obstructive legal disputes. If it comes to it, we will assist with legal proceedings concerning the inheritance or compulsory portions.

We also advise executors and take on all the formalities that the domestic or international administration of estates brings with it.

Pre-nuptial agreements, powers of attorney and healthcare proxies

We’ll put together an ‘emergency kit’ for you, which as well as your will also includes a lasting power of attorney, emergency representation authorisation and healthcare power of attorney. In legal planning for family matters, we draft pre-nuptial agreements and adapt existing articles of incorporation to match your desired succession plans.

Emigration and asset protection

We help natural persons move domicile and give comprehensive assistance on protecting your assets from liability. We’ll show you all the options open to you to protect your assets from creditors, those entitled to a compulsory portion and ex-spouses, as well as from geopolitical risks.

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