Hardly any other industry has been so dramatically changed in recent years by the ever-increasing use of the internet as the retail and consumer products industry. More and more consumers are using the internet to find out about a purchase before making a decision, and are enjoying the boundless possibilities of shopping online. This is changing distribution channels, market structures and business models. Against the backdrop of the existing competition of large retail chains and the ever-increasing pressure on prices from online retail, vendors in bricks-and-mortar retailing are trying to defend their position by improving the quality of their service and their cost efficiency. But the proportion of online sales continues to grow at a dramatic rate, nonetheless. For companies in the industry this means that to keep their place in the market they have to be flexible and act quickly in the face of high levels of pressure from the competition and the rapidly changing conditions.

Our strength lies in showing you quick and individualised solutions to mastering the digital challenges. Especially in the area of consumer goods, preferences, demands and consumer behaviour change rapidly. Our experts know the trends that are transforming the industry, and can show you a clear strategy to more growth. The internationalisation of the consumer goods market makes us your ideal partner – thanks to our seamless connection to the international Grant Thornton network, we’re optimally equipped to offer you comprehensive services at globally uniform standards of quality, even for cross-border issues.

Our solutions

Our industry experts offer you:

  • Audits according to German and international standards
  • VAT advice on industry-specific particularities and internationalisation
  • Setting transfer prices between different companies
  • Valuations and due diligence for corporate transactions
  • Restructuring and reorganisation

Our awards 

We’re proud of the awards we’ve won. And we’re just as happy that our clients give us top ratings! We’re working hard to keep it that way. And that’s a promise!