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Tobias Kluth

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With innovation and international reach

The automobile sector is exceedingly important to the national economy – and the challenges confronting this industry are likewise complex. Manufacturers must continually hone their innovations and upgrade their latest models to maintain market share. On the demand side, keeping an eye on increasing global trends like Car Sharing or Electromobility remains imperative. In the automotive supplier industry, the outsourcing trend toward foreign production continues. While vehicle parts were once largely produced in Eastern Europe, today increasing demand in Asian markets makes it essential for supplier firms to maintain a presence in the Far East. This poses especially complicated problems for the German Mittelstand, requiring firms to think through all their commitments very thoroughly. One thing is certain: the competitive environment in the automotive industry remains intense. Firms aspiring for success in the future will have to perform at the forefront of innovation and operate flexibly around the globe.

Why Grant Thornton Germany?

We have been specializing in the unique problem areas of the automotive industry for many years and offer comprehensive services to lead players in this industry. Our special strengths combine the agility of a German Mittelstand company with full accessibility to a high-performance international network. We share this feature with many of our clients in the automotive sector – they too are innovative Mittelstand companies with an international outlook. We assign our people to work with the same clients as valued contact partners over the long term, not just for the duration of a single project – thus making it easy for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to find their exact counterparts in our organization. Fast reaction times and high quality standards are key success factors that distinguish our services. We also excel in finding constructive and innovative solutions to fit every special requirement.

Our solutions:

  • Financial statement auditing according to German and international norms
  • Sales tax advisory for foreign transactions
  • Intercompany transfer pricing
  • Valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Restructuring reports
  • Financing, including refinancing of mezzanine programs

For more information, please contact Mr. Tobias Kluth, head of our Automotive industry group.