When it comes to employment law, we’re firmly on the side of business. We take our lead from the needs that entrepreneurship brings with it and take account of business strategies in our legal recommendations on employment. Hardly any area of law is currently so dynamic as employment law. There are constant changes and new requirements. To get everything right you have to stay on top of things. We will be glad to help you with all the legal employment issues that crop up in daily business, restructuring and corporate transactions. 

Our expertise


Finding solutions together

We provide you with advice on all areas of the law concerning employment and social insurance, from hiring to terminating employment. Our advisory includes drafting and negotiating service contracts for executives and employment contracts and designing variable remuneration models. When changes occur during employment as well, such as the introduction of working from home or mobile work, workcations or when a conduct warning is to be given to an employee, we’re there for you. We’ll also assist you with terminating employment contracts in the case of restructuring, conduct or for other reasons. We’ll offer assistance in properly classifying employment for social security and the payments that result from it. In the case of disputes (in court or with authorities), we’ll be at your side. We will represent you in court, out of court, as well as to the authorities and at arbitration.  


Accompanying change

Buying or selling a business, restructuring, or other changes to your business often bring great changes with them. This typically always has an impact on the employees concerned as well. We’ll support you through every phase of your transaction. With our many years of experience in employment law, your project will be a success, including as regards employees.   


Creating legal certainty

We’ll support you with ensuring your business is in compliance with the regulations of employment legislation, which is hard to get a complete view of and constantly changing – whether in relation to organising the deployment of outside personnel, the provision of temporary workers, employee data protection or the participation of employees on the works council. With current topics, too, like mandatory timekeeping, introducing a whistleblower system and ESG specifications, we’re there for you. We are always available for all questions concerning compliance with topics of employment. So you can focus on your day-to-day business.  


A strong network, worldwide

Is your business internationally orientated and your employees don’t just work in Germany? Do your staff also work abroad on postings, for example? Then you are in the right place. Thanks to our international orientation and many years of expertise in global mobility, both in international social insurance law and posting agreements, we can give you comprehensive support. So your staff’s work abroad can have the success you are looking for.

What’s more, we also work closely with our tax experts and colleagues in global mobility services. They will also be happy to assist you. And if necessary, we can use our excellent international network for you. We can quickly involve our numerous international network partners for international issues and render you tailor-made support. 

Social issues

Models to combat the shortage of skilled workers

Alongside other the benefits of staff retention, company pension schemes and partial retirement arrangements are more current than ever in light of demographic change. Models to allow staff to participate in the success of the business, such as employee share schemes, successfully contribute to high levels of motivation and the retention of top performers. We’ll be glad to advise you on these topics and on all the other benefits (e.g. company-funded bikes) that you would like your staff to receive.

Collective workforce issues

Keeping the collective peace  

Whether it’s drawing up works agreements, collective agreements or the question which collective agreements apply in specific cases, we’ll give you the support you need to keep track of all the relevant regulations, participation rights and procedures. In changes on the operational level, we’ll assist you with the necessary negotiations with the works council and draw up the documents (e.g. reconciliation of interests, social compensation plan). We’ll also advise you on issues concerning the works council’s existing co-determination rights and their scope.  

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