We’re passionate about real estate. With our holistic approach to advisory, we cover the entire life cycle of real estate – from construction or purchase to product development to maintenance and operation all the way to sale. 

We understand the sector, know stakeholders’ interests and are able to develop bold but well thought out and promising ideas together with our clients. We are enthusiastic about new developments, think ahead and act on your behalf in a way that creates value. By dialoguing together we’ll find the best solutions for your real estate.

Our expertise

Our advisory on real estate covers the entire life cycle of real estate – from construction or purchase to project development to maintenance and operation all the way to sale.

Construction agreements

We draft architect and general planner agreements for clients and investors, as well as contractor and project management agreements. We will represent you if claims for damages are made or in the case of disputes about fees.


If buying is not an option, a leasehold contract is often the solution to being able to use real estate flexibly over the long term. The seller does not have to let go of the property completely but can still get a high level of profit from it. With our many years of experience, we can assist you here in drafting and negotiating the leasehold agreement.

Commercial leasing

Commercial lease agreements are usually agreed with a long term. They are very significant economically speaking, and an unfavourable lease can quickly become a threat to economic survival.  

We draft and negotiate contracts, terminate contracts, deal with warranty claims and carry out evictions. We’ll take care of every area of commercial leasing for you routinely and quickly.

Hotel real estate

As real estate, hotels are unique. We have particular expertise with them. We draft and negotiate hotel lease operation and management agreements, give advice when owners change and on questions about running a hotel.

Real estate development

Together, we can develop your real estate project from the ground up. From corresponding with the local authorities concerning building permission all the way to completion, we are there for you at each and every stage of development and construction. We can draft the contracts for you and give advice, if required, on the entire development, from the initial idea to complete realisation.

Real estate transactions

We advise banks, real estate funds, superannuation schemes and capital management companies, as well as project developers, family offices and hotel operators with their real estate transactions of all sizes.  

Together, we can develop exactly the strategy that will make your real estate transaction a success. With our colleagues (including interdisciplinary colleagues) in legal and advisory, we consider all the complex questions on your behalf, such as the tax regulations, company regulation and business succession.

Condominium regulation

Everyone who owns or manages condominium units has legal questions about condominium ownership. We provide answers to all the challenges related to ownership. From contesting resolutions to annual budgets to commercial leasing, we offer the complete spectrum of all that is necessary to make the most of your property and to protect it at the same time.

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