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Termination of contracts in the event of a crisis
Contract law Termination of contracts in the event of a crisis
If a contractual partner gets into difficulties, there is often a desire to dissolve the contract. Many long-term contracts such as supply or distribution agreements contain so-called insolvency-dependent termination clauses (insolvenzabhängige Lösungsklauseln) for such cases. However, whether a termination can in fact be successfully based on such a clause must be examined on a case-by-case basis. Here, we inform about the legal requirements regarding the effectiveness for such clauses.
Dr. Christine Freifrau von Hauch
| 5 min read |
VAT – compulsory e-invoicing is coming from 2025
The Growth Opportunities Act VAT – compulsory e-invoicing is coming from 2025
In this post, we let you know the details and show you what to pay attention to with practical im-plementation.
Benjamin Bergau
| 2 min read |
R&D credit significantly expanded
The Growth Opportunities Act R&D credit significantly expanded
Including an increase in funding volumes and faster payout. We’ve put the most important details together below.
Norbert Miethe
Alexander Göbel
| 2 min read |
Transfer prices – new rules on financing transactions
Growth Opportunities Act Transfer prices – new rules on financing transactions
Two changes to the German Foreign Tax Act (Außensteuergesetz – AStG) will affect the treatment of intercompany cross-border financing transactions for tax periods from 2024. This post summarizes the new rules.
Dr. Ludger Wellens
Oliver Knüpfer
| 4 min read |
Cyber-attacks – effective strategies for businesses
Cybersecurity Cyber-attacks – effective strategies for businesses
2024 – the number of companies that have been hacked is growing. According to the statistics of the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2023, worldwide around 50 per cent of all businesses have already been the victim of a cyber-attack – and there was a dramatic rise in Germany in 2022. The number of reported cases is growing year by year. The question is no longer wheth-er a company will be attacked but when. In an attack, what should you do?
Dr. Florian Scheriau
| 2 min read |

Press releases

07 May 2024

Grant Thornton advises Continental on acquisition of mold manufacturing specialist for commercial vehicle and speciality tyres

Continental has acquired the Slovak mould manufacturing specialist EMT Púchov s.r.o. All shares of Continental’s long-standing supplier were transferred to Continental at the beginning of April. The tyre manufacturer had previously entered into an agreement to this effect with EMT’s shareholders, Dynamic Design (Romania) being the majority shareholder.

15 Apr 2024

Grant Thornton advises Down2Earth Capital, Gimv and The Wallfashion on the purchase of Rasch Tapetenfabrik

An interdisciplinary team from Grant Thornton in Germany from the areas of Financial and Tax, led by Partners Klaus-Martin Haußmann and Dr. Achim Kestler advised D2E, Gimv and The Wallfashion House on their financial and tax due diligence. Other advisory services were also provided on issues specific to the transaction, including on the contract negotiations and extensive restructuring measures.

26 Mar 2024

Grant Thornton advises Main Capital Partners and PeakAvenue on the acquisition of Isograph

Grant Thornton advised Main Capital Partners and PeakAvenue on the transaction. The transaction team from the Financial Advisory service line, led by Tobias Kluth and Sven Kirse, were able to make a significant contribution to the successful completion of the acquisition through financial due diligence.