Our specialist IT lawyers and data protection experts stand out with their legal knowledge in the areas of IT, IP and data protection and their profound technical and operational understanding.

With our many years of experience in projects and in-depth knowledge of the various sectors, we’ll give you comprehensive advice on strategies, business model structuring and the legal requirements on plans to digitalise. We serve such sectors as technology, media and telecom, automotive, healthcare, retail and consumer goods, machinery and equipment, transport and logistics, and the public sector. We advise both private businesses and public entities.

Our range of services includes consulting for software companies and IT systems companies and drafting distribution agreements. We provide the legal implementation of projects to create platforms (e.g. car sharing apps, electric car charging station networks, 3D printing online marketplaces, online shops, platforms for public bodies under the German Online Access Act [OZG]) and national and European research digital transformation projects. This includes comprehensive advice on the legal issues of data protection, e.g. on international data transfer, the implementation of group-wide data protection compliance and setting up appropriate data protection governance structures.

We are continuously developing legal solutions for digital innovation and transformation. For example, with regard to artificial intelligence, we advise developers as well as the users of AI on legal and regulatory developments so that AI use is legally compliant.

What characterises our legal expertise is understanding technical innovation, analysing the legal conditions and identifying the innovative potential for your business. We’ll help you exploit your potential to innovate. The technical development of AI harbours a range of legal challenges that we will be glad to overcome with you.

Our services

IT law
  • Advisory on and drafting of IT agreements (hardware, software, provider agreements, terms of use, terms and conditions, cloud agreements, service level agreements)
  • Consulting on IT projects, IT outsourcing and digitalisation of business processes
  • Legal implementation of platforms and apps and legal structure of digital business models
  • Advice and structure of as-a-service business models (software, platforms, data and equipment as a service)
  • Legal assistance with cloud implementation projects and advice on multi-cloud strategies
  • Advice on web shops and online marketplaces (e-commerce)
  • Drafting of invitations to tender for IT (IT procurement)
  • Representation in IT litigation and for liability (IT compliance)
IP law
  • Law relating to copyrights, trademarks and domains
  • Licence agreements (software and trademark licences, etc.)
  • Protection of industrial property
  • Protection of know-how (protection of trade secrets)
  • Strategic advice on acquiring and amassing intangible assets and developing them in the context of innovative, data-driven products and services
Data protection law
  • Ensuring compliance with data protection requirements in developing and implementing new products (privacy by design)
  • Advice on data and digital strategies for:
  • Data protection compliant use of AI
  • Big data, data analytics, predictive services, data-based business models, data monetisation
  • Drafting and review of data protection policies and data processing agreements (data processing, joint controllers, controller-to-controller)
  • Consulting on data protection compliance and implementation of data protection governance structures
  • Employee data protection
  • Medical data protection
  • Recording of processing activities
  • Rights of data subjects
  • Compilation and review of data protection impact assessments
  • Advice on international data transfers and performing transfer impact assessments
  • Advice on technical and organisational measures (TOMs)
  • Retention requirements
  • Deletion plans
  • Advice and assistance with data breaches and criminal legislation relating to data protection
  • Communication with supervisory authorities and defence against measures imposed by supervisory authorities and sanctions (administrative offence proceedings, civil and criminal proceedings)
  • Representation in court proceedings with supervisory authorities and data subjects
  • Criminal legislation relating to data protection
  • Prevention – advice on avoiding cyber attacks
  • Legal requirements of NIS2, the Cyber Resilience Act, Cybersecurity Act and ENISA certificates (EUCC/EUCS/EU5G) etc.
  • Legal cyber health checks (legal requirements profiles, critical infrastructure, industry-specific cyber security regulations)
  • IT emergency management (reviews of cyber plans and legal conditions)
  • Incident response readiness assessments (insurance cover, liability risks, enforceability and deterrence of claims)
  • Legal advice in selecting technology
  • Response: Advice in specific cyber attacks from our cyber task force
  • Cyber incident response – management or support with communication with authorities, staff and business contacts
  • Digital forensic investigations/e-discovery:
  • Recording digital evidence and developing recommendations for legal action 
  • Legal support during forensic examinations
  • Crisis communication with criminal prosecution authorities
  • Action – Advice after a cyber attack
  • Assertion of claims for information and damages, and defence against claims from third parties (litigation, management of mass actions)
  • Claims management with insurers (cyber security, D&O insurance, etc.)
  • Defence in criminal proceedings
Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Advice on the legal requirements of development (AI by design), procurement, distribution and legal use of AI systems
  • Advice on setting up AI governance structures and fulfilment of compliance duties
  • Advice on use of AI systems for AI-based business decisions
  • Advice and negotiation of agreements with AI providers
  • Liability issues relating to development and use of AI systems
  • Legal advice on data protection relating to the development and use of AI systems
  • Confidentiality of information and trade secrets when using AI systems
  • Advice on intellectual property rights when using AI systems
  • Drafting of invitations to tender for the procurement of AI systems
Digital innovations
  • In-depth technical understanding and specific knowledge of industrial value chains, the digital transformation in individual industries and innovative technologies (e.g. additive manufacturing, drones)
  • Product development compliance relating to the development, implementation and supply of digital processes, products and services, and digital data-based business models
  • Advice on EU ‘digital legislation’ (the Digital Markets Act, Digital Services Act, Data Governance Act, Data Act, Cyber Resilience Act, etc.)
  • Digital industry, predictive analytics, smart maintenance
M&A/Technology transactions
  • Due diligence, particularly in the areas of IT/licences, IP rights, and rights in data and other know-how
  • Analysis of rights in data, technology-based assets, software code, data pools
  • Analysis of IP rights and licences (e.g. incomplete chains of title)
  • Ensuring the migratability of data
  • Analysis of IT agreements and agreement strategy (e.g. giving notice on superfluous licences)
  • Reorganisation of IT infrastructure
  • Post-merger integration (PMI)
  • Advice on the target vision after post-merger integration (PMI) (levering potential for synergy in merging IT infrastructure, giving notice on software and hardware licences, etc.)

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