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Christina Busch

Christina Busch

Christina Busch is a Tax Advisor and a Partner in the Tax department at Grant Thornton Düsseldorf. She has been working in the tax department since 2002 and has extensive experience in advising national and international clients on tax matters. Christina Busch is head of the International Tax Service at Grant Thornton AG. She is also a member of the US Desk of our company. In addition, Christina is a regular speaker at various events and contributes to various German tax publications.

Fields of expertise

  • Lead partner for various national and international clients
  • Extensive experience in tax-optimized structuring advice in an international environment  
  • Advising on Pillar 2 projects


  • Member of the Steuerberaterkammer [Chamber of Tax Advisors] and of the Steuerberaterverband [Association of German Tax Advisors]
  • Member of the direct international tax committee of Grant Thornton International


  • Pietrek/Busch/Mätzig: Weitreichende Konsequenzen der Grundbesitzklausel gemäß Art. 13 Abs. 4 OECD-MA [Far-reaching consequences of the property ownership clause under Art. 13 (4) OECD Model Tax Convention] (IStR 2014, 660)
  • Diplom-Wirtschaftsjuristin [Graduate in Economic Law]
  • Tax Advisor
Christina Busch
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Christina Busch
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