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COVID-19 pandemic: Challenging the crisis together

Michael Haeger

The German economy is still struggling hard against the COVID-19 crisis. Whether they are a group of companies, SME or start-up business, many businesses are currently conducting short-term crisis management, attempting at the same time not to lose sight of the long-term business development. Warth & Klein Grant Thornton, too, is facing an important challenge, but we are convinced: We will overcome this challenge in partnership with our clients.

As early as with the first signs of the pandemic we adapted our business operation to the new situation in all our local offices: In addition to protecting the health of our employees, the continuity of our current client business takes first priority for us. For this purpose, we organised that all of us can work from home and within a very short time created a stable technical infrastructure as a precondition for applying modern and secure digital means of communication – digitalisation in record time.

Simultaneously, we adapted our market presence directly to the crisis situation and developed a wide range of advisory services for affected businesses. On our website, experts provide information in the COVID-19 crisis focus on the most important questions and topics regarding the economic impact of the pandemic – also in the English language. There you will find complementary summary documents for downloading, the right contact persons for all departments and a central contact adress. We established a Task Force with representatives from all departments, which closely follows important developments at EU, federal and state level and derives recommendations for action for related inquiries from our clients. Additionally, in daily morning briefings our employees are kept up to date with the economically relevant developments of the pandemic, which they pass on to our clients. Finally, we additionally receive and analyse new information from all 140 member firms of our global Grant Thornton International network.

This strategy is successful:

  • By largely relying on of digital media we have been able to maintain our efficiency despite social distancing and continue to serve our clients while maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • Both on the part of our employees and of our clients we have observed a great willingness to adapt to changing working conditions. In particular, the application of video technology allows concentrated work.
  • The organisational processes within our advisory teams are highly efficient, creative, and flexible.

In other words: We are ideally positioned to assist our clients and guide them not only through the crisis, but also during their business development in the long term. We are convinced that together we challenge the current situation with optimism, solidarity, and a sense of responsibility.

In fact, we go one step further – we are sure that the current form of our cooperation will set the standards for the time after COVID-19.

Please let us know how we can be of more assistance.

We are right by your side.