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Stefan Hahn

Dr. Stefan Hahn



Dr. Stefan Hahn specialises in advising on taxation in complex business transactions of all sizes and has mainly worked for the service, chemical and automotive industries and for trading companies until now. His clients include multinational groups of companies, family businesses and private equity institutions. Other key areas of advice are assistance during post-merger, financing and carve-out projects.

Fields of expertise

  • Assistance in tax matters relating to corporate transactions: Buy-side/sell-side tax, due diligence, SPA advice, advising on acquisition structures, financing advice etc.
  • Tax advice in the field of post-merger integration
  • Tax advice for businesses in exceptional situations such as restructuring, realignment of financing, carve-outs and restructuring advice
  • Tax-optimised restructuring of national and international company groups
  • Tax advice for portfolio companies


  • Stefan Hahn: Strukturierte Finanzierungsgebühren im Lichte der Regelungen zur Zinsschranke und der gewerbesteuerlichen Hinzurechnungsvorschriften (Structured financing fees in the light of the interest deduction ceiling regulations and the trade tax add-back rules), in: Ugb 2014, p. 106.
  • Stefan Hahn: Der Verzicht auf die Durchführung der Gewinnabführung als Gestaltungsinstrument bei M&A-Transaktionen (The waiver of profit transfer as a structuring instrument in M&A transactions), in: Ugb 2014, p. 427.
  • Tillmann Pyszka/Stefan Hahn, GmbHR, 2010, p. 689: Ausgleichsansprüche bei verunglückter umsatzsteuerlicher Organschaft (Compensation claims in the case of unsuccessful consolidated tax groups)
  • Tillmann Pyszka /Stefan Hahn: Steuerliche Organschaft: Die häufigsten Fehler der Praxis (Consolidated tax groups - the most frequent mistakes in practice), in: SR 2009, p. 147.
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