Investing in real estate in particular can quickly become complicated. What’s more, real estate investment is characterised by time constraints and regularly changing legislation. We’re here to keep an eye on all of this for you. We offer you a complete service encompassing all the stages of real estate investment, that is, during:

  • acquisition
  • holding and
  • disinvestment of

your real estate investment.

Our services

We understand our clients and our job. We find the right solution for every challenge you face.

Tax declarations

Our tax services are adapted to the needs of the real estate sector.

Before you acquire the property company or real estate, we’ll assist you with tax due diligence and support you in reducing potential tax risks from acquisition, with appropriate contractual agreements.

We’ll advise you at the start of your real estate investment and with designing and setting up a tax-efficient investment structure. This also includes registering the company for tax purposes. Changing advisers takes place without any disruption to operational processes. This requires close coordination with asset and property management to implement a process that takes account your individual requirements.

During the holding period, we offer you advisory on all the aspects of tax compliance – from tax returns, advance VAT returns to assistance with audits and tax monitoring. We adapt our services to match your requests.

For disinvestments, we provide example calculations and develop a sensible tax strategy. We’ll manage all the necessary information and offer data rooms for processing. This also includes support with drafting tax clauses in the purchase agreement.

Outsourcing of accounting processes

During the acquisition process, you will receive opening balance sheets, and a complete bookkeeping system will be set up, including reporting that is customised to your requirements. We’ll transfer the necessary data files in the formats you request.

We offer to manage and systematise your property management data, offer expanded bookkeeping (property management and company bookkeeping) and data consolidation. We systematise your bookkeeping as you request and provide you with the requested formats.

Financial advisory

During the acquisition phase, we will carry out financial due diligence for you and you will receive valuations for purchase, appraisal reports and valuation certificates required by the regulators.

As part of our ongoing work, we’ll deliver annual financial statements, auditing and compiling of consolidated financial statements and valuations under the German Capital Investment Code [Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch – KAGB].

When you plan to disinvest, we’ll audit your closing date accounts and purchase price allocation accounts, conduct business valuations, offer budgeted accounts and advise you on all the questions that come up.