Entering the US market – an attractive place for German companies to do business 

The USA is still known by its reputation as the land of unlimited opportunities. The country is economically stable and constitutes the largest internal market in the world, with a large population and high purchasing power. German companies gain access to this market particularly well by opening a local branch or subsidiary in the USA.

Key points in brief     

  • Employment law in the USA is different to that in Germany. The Grant Thornton network provides local assistance directly in the USA.     
  • If German staff are to be posted to the USA, they will need a visa and a work permit. We help with secondments to the USA.     
  • The American tax system is complex – our local experts will advise you proactively and strategically.     
  • In the USA, networks help establish your business – we have a broad network of businesses and investors to offer you a way in.

The opportunity of the American market 

Think tanks, Silicon Valley, the Ivy League, and so much more – no other business location in the world can offer so much as the United States. Companies are very interested in establishing themselves in this innovation-driven market, with its stable economy and well-developed infrastructure. Conditions are business-friendly and subject to clear regulation, which allows work to be fast and targeted.  This presents opportunities for growth, innovation and building up a global presence. This is what we support German companies with.  

Challenges and solutions 

Regulations, legislation and policies in the USA are very different from those in Germany and Europe. What’s more, the USA is very litigious territory.  Businesses have to be ready and prepared for potential lawsuits.  In our Grant Thornton International network you have experienced experts and a strong partner at your side for all your legal and tax issues, so you can enter the market smoothly.     

We’re there when you need us and provide advice in the following areas:     

  • Outsourcing of key services     
  • Financial management     
  • All issues of IT security     
  • Tax compliance service and reporting and      
  • Iin all issues in the areas of founding a company, M&A and other transactions.

Get in touch, without any commitment.

Are you planning to venture into the US market? Or are you already doing business there? Do you, as a German company, need advice on the best way to do business in the USA? Christina Busch, Carsten Carstens, Norbert Miethe and Frank Schmid have excellent contacts in American business circles and with the right institutions. Take advantage of their expertise and feel free to contact them with your questions, without any commitment.

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