To implement a sustainability strategy effectively, you integrate ESG risks and opportunities into your decision-making processes – taking into account governance, company management and the corporate culture.

We’ll help you integrate an ESG strategy and ESG approach into your governance to ensure in-depth understanding that radiates out from management across the entire organisation. Critical components of sustainable business practices that build trust include decision-making processes, risk management, corporate culture and leadership by the board and management, compensation structures, and interaction with stakeholders.

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Developing governance/compliance (second line of defence)

To manage the opportunities and risks of ESG, sustainability and effective sustainability management are brought into management and to ensure compliance with standards and legislation. This allows risks to be reduced and opportunities to be exploited in the context of sustainability. We’ll assist you in building effective sustainability management.

Building an ESG organisation

The ESG strategy and its major topics have to be incorporated into the entire corporate structure. Appointing a sustainability manager is not sufficient by itself. Rather, issues with relevance for ESG have to be anchored in the organisational structure and areas of responsibility and incorporated into business processes. Together, we’ll identify the approach to implementing aspects of ESG into your organisational and business structures.

Developing performance indicators and ESG data

To manage the significant opportunities and risks in the area of ESG appropriate performance indicators first have to be defined. So that these indicators can be used effectively for management, all the relevant data then have to be recorded and processed at high quality. We’ll assist you in selecting appropriate performance indicators and data collection processes. To improve quality we put our ESG data to the test.

IT tools and systems for ESG data

Collecting and evaluating data by hand is extremely susceptible to error. To collect and process financial data complex ERP systems are now standard. The requirement for better quality in dealing with ESG data makes it necessary to incorporate IT tools and systems. In an environment, in which ESG tools are developing fast, we keep on top of things and will support you with selection and implementation.

ESG gap analysis

Using an initial stocktake, we establish the status quo in dealing with various ESG issues and evaluate them against regulatory requirements and typical sustainability standards. Based on this analysis, we define the target condition and develop an individualised plan of measures.