This strategy is the fixed point to chart a company’s course for success. Take the opportunity to make sustainability a fixed part of your entire business strategy and stand out from the competition.

By laying down sustainability targets, you create clear conditions for entrepreneurial success. Ecological and social responsibility as well as transparent corporate management are fixed components of a sustainability strategy. We’ll help you to develop a well-founded sustainability strategy that reduces risks and creates opportunities.

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Materiality assessments to determine major topics

We perform a materiality assessment to identify the subjects of sustainability that are crucial for your business and involve the most important stakeholders. The results of the materiality assessment form the basis for the further development of the sustainability strategy.

Developing the strategy (targets, areas of action)

We’ll assist you in developing a strategy that will define how sustainability issues are handled within the company for the long-term. Based on the results of the materiality assessment, fields of action are identified and realistic sustainability targets defined.

Identification value creation model

To understand what influence sustainability issues have on a business’s success and what impact the business’s activities have on the outside world, a clear understanding of the business’s value creation is crucial. The development and depiction of a value creation model serves to provide precisely this understanding – and is also a central element in internal and external communication.

Development policies

Guidelines, policies and work instructions are the guiding principle within the business, which all employees follow. To implement the sustainability strategy, it is therefore necessary to augment this guiding principle with relevant sustainability issues and to implement processes. For this, it may be necessary to check whether existing guidelines and work instructions need to be adjusted or new guidelines created.