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Markets and competitive conditions are changing rapidly. Old business models are called into question, new business opportunities are opening up. Companies are beginning new activities and withdrawing from the old, cooperating or merging. Some companies must restructure and reorganize under pressure. Dynamic companies are increasingly evolving across borders and require reliable support for international projects. As advisors, appraisers or auditors, we support companies in these demanding phases.

Why Grant Thornton Germany?

We enjoy a strong professional reputation, acquired over the course of complex, well-publicized assignments for capital market-oriented companies. Leveraging our high professional standing and comprehensive project experience, we generate added value for our clients through robust and dependable work results. Via our network, we can offer you worldwide support at uniformly high quality standards, making us your ideal partner for cross-border projects. With expertise in virtually all industries, we go far beyond mere standard solutions to achieve the optimum benefit for your unique circumstances.

Our solutions:

  • Valuation
    Valuations can arise under many different circumstances, most of which occur in a complex environment. We assume responsibility for valuation tasks, functioning either as a neutral appraiser within the context of arbitration proceedings or as an advisor when evaluating companies.
  • Transaction Support
    Numerous motives guide the purchase or sale of companies. Whether you operate cross-border or only within Germany, we support you with a comprehensive range of consultation services until the transaction is brought to a successful close.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    Buying and selling businesses represents a challenge for all participants. In addition to tax and legal optimization, success factors especially include proper information flow coordination and consistent project management. With a comprehensive service portfolio, we support you during all phases of a company ownership transaction on either the buy or the sell side.
  • Recovery & Reorganization
    Adapting to changing market circumstances is a perpetual challenge for companies aspiring to maintain or reestablish their competitiveness. This applies not only to preventing acute, existential company crises, but also to optimizing structures or enhancing available potential. In Recovery & Reorganization, we offer you the best answers for companies, banks, shareholders and investors.