Adapting to continually changing market conditions is a constant challenge for every business. But this capacity to adapt is the basis of your competitiveness, which has to be retained at all costs, or quickly regained if it threatens to be lost. That not only means averting acute crises that threaten the life of your business. Optimising structures and leveraging existing potential are also significant parts of the process. The services concentrated in recovery & reorganisation offer answers for businesses, banks, shareholders and investors.

Our services

We understand our clients and our job. We find the right solution for every challenge you face.

Going concern forecasts

Lenders and other stakeholders require comprehensive business analyses in order to estimate the chances of restructuring being successful. We produce restructuring plans and expert reports under IDW S6 as well as forecasts on continuing as a going concern. We analyse the current situation, the environment with regard to competition and the causes of the crisis. Based on this, we develop customised plans and forecasts. We will also be glad to generate business reviews and market analyses for you or check them for their plausibility.

Reorganisation and restructuring

Successful restructuring demands a holistic approach, from short-term crisis management to improving performance in the medium- and long-term. To accomplish a successful reorganisation for you, we implement the right plans and measures together with our partners, HANSE consulting. We’ll take over interim management, set up internal restructuring accounting and train the staff in charge.

Valuation in reorganisations

When businesses are being restructured, this has an effect on their valuation. Our experts know the conditions and the market and are aware of the impact on the market value of businesses.

Options for action and exit strategies

There are lots of situations in which businesses require the services of interim managers. These can include appointing a Chief Restructuring Office (CRO). CROs are becoming increasingly important in the practice of restructuring. A CRO is an expert who implements the restructuring plan Working with our partners, Hanse Interim Management GmbH, a member company of our partners, the Hanse Consulting Group, we can offer you the complete spectrum of operational restructuring services.

Government aid and viability report

In many cases, businesses undergoing restructuring can apply for government aid. The basis for these grants is a viability report. The report assesses the prospects for the financial success of the restructured business. Support is only granted if the assessment is positive.

Our experts know all the sources of support and know which documents are necessary to receive assistance.

Our awards

We’re proud of the awards we’ve won. And we’re just as happy that our clients give us top ratings! We’re working hard to keep it that way. And that’s a promise!

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