Success in business is no longer just defined in terms of a company’s financial performance. Today, non-financial aspects are also concerned, which are also part of sustainable entrepreneurship. The term ‘environment, social and governance’ (ESG) summarises the various aspects of sustainability, which is creating new challenges for actors in business and society.

At Grant Thornton, we think about the matter of sustainability from top to bottom, from the initial stocktake to developing a strategy, to sustainability management, to reporting, to sustainable financing. Our inter-service sustainability excellence centre brings together ESG experts with know-how from the fields of audit, advisory and tax.

We’ll be happy to assist you with your sustainable transformation.

Our areas of consulting

Sustainability strategy

Laying the cornerstone for sustainability.

Sustainability management

Managing the change to sustainability.

Sustainability reporting

Communicating sustainability performance and ensuring compliance.

Sustainable finance

Integrating sustainability into investment decisions.