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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

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Thorsten Esser

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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals is a key industry in Germany. It acts as a critical driver for technological development and inspires innovations in other industries. It includes Mittelstand and owner-managed companies as well as multinational corporations. Currently, this sector is experiencing almost unparalleled development. Mergers and acquisitions have now reached record levels worldwide. At the same time, a strong German Mittelstand must compete in global markets. The chemical industry mainly produces intermediate inputs, thus making it especially dependent on its customers. The pharmaceutical industry must cope with a great deal of restrictions and other regulatory requirements. Both industries demand excellent sustainability management and innovation capability.

Why Grant Thornton Germany?

We are innovators in an innovative sector. The Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry largely comprises Mittelstand companies – with company structures that exactly correspond to our core business! The client is our central focus. We fulfil all client requirements quickly and individually, delivering our solutions as consistently reliable partners. One advantage is our flexibility: decision-makers are directly integrated into our team, allowing us to deliver innovative solutions within short time frames. Another strength is our interdisciplinarity: we excel at finding constructive solutions, even when handling complex questions that extend into other business areas like M&A transactions, restructurings and compliance issues.

Our solutions

Our industry experts offer you solutions in auditing, corporate finance, and tax and legal consulting. These especially include:

  • Financial statement auditing according to German and international norms
  • Establishing and auditing internal controlling systems and/or Compliance Management systems
  • Sales tax advisory for foreign transactions
  • Intercompany transfer pricing for cross-border activities
  • Valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Restructuring reports
  • Financing, including refinancing of mezzanine programs
  • Corporate and contract law

For more information about our Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals group, please contact our Expert.