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Keeping up with digitization


Hanno Hepke

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Innovative players in the Technology/Media/Telecomms industry drive new business models with digitalization, virtualization and networking. In the process, they create enormous challenges – but also opportunities – for those who can stay abreast. Application areas for new technologies are increasing rapidly, generating new sales prospects and revenue opportunities. At the same time, market structures and requirements are changing: trends like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and data security change the face of the industry. To profit from the growth prospects that these developments offer, companies must continually review and adapt their market positioning.

Why Grant Thornton Germany?

Our TMT team offers comprehensive financial and consulting services for Technology, Media & Communications companies. With profound understanding for the specific drivers and innovative dynamism of the industry as well as the special challenges they present, we show you paths toward unlocking more growth. As a Mittelstand company, we see ourselves as partners on equal footing with the Mittelstand-dominated TMT sector: result-oriented, flexible, personal and customized to the individual client. Global reach and the international resources of our Grant Thornton International network – including local industry experts in regions especially relevant for the industry – make us your ideal counterpart for both domestic and cross-border projects.

Our solutions

Our industry experts offer you

Auditing services:

  • Financial statement auditing according to German and international norms
  • Offsetting and reconciliations, draft and audit of reporting packages
  • IP valuation in the balance sheet, treatment of self-provided intangible rights and assets
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Risk management, internal and external auditing
  • License auditing (“royalty audit”)
  • Fraud investigation & dispute services

Tax and legal consulting:

  • Compliance and reporting
  • VAT, transfer pricing
  • Digital merchandise traffic
  • Personnel and remuneration systems
  • Supply chains and process optimization, esp. digital services and contents
  • IP tax structuring

Corporate Finance & Advisory Services

  • Corporate Finance incl. corporate acquisitions and sales, MBO/MBI, joint ventures and strategic alliances, financing, venture capital, IPO preparation
  • Due diligence/planning feasibility
  • Company, rights and licensing valuation
  • IT outsourcing
  • IP transactions and marketing
  • Supply chain optimization for digital contents
  • Data collection and analysis in direct contact with customers
  • Restructuring advisory
  • IT risk management and auditing services

For more information, please contact Mr. Hanno Hepke, head of our Technology/Media/Telecomms industry group.