Bereits stattgefunden Dienstag, 26. September 2023

Christina Busch and Matt Stringer, experts from Grant Thornton in Germany and the UK, present on current developments in legislation, case law and administration and give an update on the status of the global minimum taxation (Pillar 2) legislation from a UK and German perspective. In Germany and UK the year of first application, 2024, is fast approaching. The draft of the German implementation law has also arrived and the Pillar 2 legislation in the UK has been enacted. Reason enough, therefore, to exchange views on these developments.

Information about our experts: 

Christina Busch is a partner at Grant Thornton Germany and heads the International Tax Service. Christina has extensive experience in advising national and international clients on tax matters. In addition, Christina is a regular speaker at various events and contributes to various German tax publications.

Matt Stringer is an International Tax partner at Grant Thornton UK. He leads Grant Thornton UK’s International Tax Practice, with particular experience in OECD BEPS initiatives. Matt writes for numerous publications including Tax Adviser magazine, Lexis Nexis, Tolley's Tax Digests and the international sections of the Finance Act Handbook.

Unsere Experten vor Ort

Christina Busch

Christina Busch ist Steuerberaterin und als Partner im Bereich Steuerberatung am Standort Düsseldorf tätig. Sie verfügt über mehr als 20 Jahre Berufserfahrung auf dem Gebiet des nationalen und internationalen Steuerrechts.